Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Benefit Of Sciece :)

             Science is such as important things in our life. We are really need science for our daily lives. Without science, our life will become very simple. It is like to live in the city that never changes in terms of development, society, and politics. Science is important in many aspects. Such as engineering, sport, medicine, technology and film. But there are some people think that without science, they still can survive in their life. That because they think that science will gives more disadvantages than advantages in their daily lives. For me, everyone have their own opinions. That should be me also.
            Science can improve the technology of studies is the examples of benefit. Many people think that the new technology of studies will just make more negative effects. They do not know that this new technology of studies is more effective. They will do not feel boring or not interesting when study. Moreover, the way how the technology elaborates the knowledge is more easily to understand. The examples about technology of studies are using internet, video, recorder, and slideshow.
            Science also can make us know more about environment. I want to ask something. Before we know about science, do we know what photosynthesis is? Acid rain? I confirm no one will know about that. That’s why science compulsory teaching in all school, the children will know about our environment and can make them think to improve our environment. The examples subject’s are biology, physics and chemistry.
            The last benefits of science are can improve our film industries in Malaysia. As we know, our Malaysian’s films mostly use normal technology in their film. That’s was totally different to other countries such as America, Korea, Japan and Russia. Their director uses the higher technology to make the film more qualities than other film. The examples of film that use high technology are Transformers, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
            Lastly, we have to know that our life must always up-to-date. Why I say like that? That is because the science and technology are useful in our life. But we have to remember all things in this world have positive and negative effects. We have to make sure that we use the technology just for positive effects. If not, you will blame yourselves. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Festival Seni UNITEN !

salam 1 Malaysia suma.. BS nak cite nie.. Esok n Lusa (19julai n 20julai) kat UNITEN ader Festival Seni UNITEN kat Dewan Seri Sarjana dari pukul 10 pagi sampai 11 malam..
Macam aktiviti yg diadakan... Ada 15 booth untuk 15negeri yang sangat2 special untuk korg suma.. ada jugak Pertandingan Permainan Tradisi (Batu Seremban dan Congkak), BS jadi crew utk pertndingan nie.. kalo nak tahu sape BS, bole la join.. haha :P
Pada waktu malam pula, ada pertunjukan tarian zapin.. mmg BESH gler ! Rugi kalo korg xdpt.. apatah lagi masuk adalah PERCUMA ! untung kan.. haha..
So, tunggu ape lagi, datang la ramai2, ajak family2 suma.. bawak couple pown bley jgk.. haha :)


Long time no SEE !!!

yuhuu... salam 1 Malaysia korg2 suma... lama nye x blogging.. sori la sgt2 k.. bkan sbb dah sombong bab kata kwn2 BS tp BS mmg bz sgt2 + internet kat sini lembap gler ! Tension3 ! ... haha..
so amacam suma... dah ada yg dah futher stdy kan... ok la tue.. asalkan kita dpt menambahkan ilmu kat mna2 jew yg kita minat.. nk tulis byk2 tp xdew time la.. tp BS xkan lupa kan korg2 suma..